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For over 150 years, the Howorth name has been synonymous with utilising air engineering to create safe, clean and productive working environments. 

Today, this expertise in engineering clean air is fundamental to our success in providing world class containment and infection control solutions, serving the global pharmaceutical, medical and wider industrial markets.

Our clients include small businesses, blue-chip private companies, as well as the government sector. 

The company’s strong reputation has been earned by providing well designed, high quality goods, together with a superior level of customer service, both pre and post order.

Howorth Air Technology


The use of Howorth’s Exflow UCV has been proven to reduce the occurrence of micro-organisms within operating rooms and more specifically the wound site. Alongside this world leading product; Howorth’s experienced team of site, project and civil engineers are able to design, build and install operating rooms and suites, including critical care units, TSSUs and aseptic suites.

Life Sciences – Pharma

As a company that prides itself in being at the forefront of technology, the continuous development of our containment and aseptic products and services is key to our on going success in the pharmaceutical and wider markets.

Howorth Bio Technology

Howorth’s Biotechnology division provides a bio decontamination service of equipment and facilities. Using the BioGen DVHP generator, our highly trained engineers follow strict procedures to ensure a complete and fully validated bio decontamination process without having to move equipment and apparatus from the decontamination zone.

Westbury Filtermation Ltd

Westbury Filtermation, a collaboration of Westbury Filters Ltd and Filtermation Products Ltd, first worked with Howorth in 2008.  Combining the skills of both companies, Howorth can now offer cutting edge filter technology and further enhance its existing service offerings with new maintenance services.

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Products & Services

Products & Services

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