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Cut Pads & Pad Frames

Pads & Rolls

Pads are a simple and economical answer for applications where a high level of filter replacement is anticipated, or when replacement pads need to be installed in existing systems.  Typical uses are in food or catering applications, and this provides excellent value for money in terms of both longevity and initial cost.  Westbury Filtermation can supply Glass Fibre pads, as well as Polyurethane Foam pads and sheets.

FPF Pad Holding System

PH_smallReloadable Pad Frames are ideal for use in reducing filter costs where a disposable panel filter is normally used.  The FPF frames simply hold a pad of disposable media (either glass-fibre or synthetic), or in washable media i.e.: reticulated polyurethane foam. The filter system removes the need to dispose of the whole filter when only the core element of the filter needs to be disposed of, thus providing the most economic solutions in terms of storage, handling & disposal.

Click Here to view the Pad Holding Frame Datasheet