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Howorth’s New Aseptic Isolator for Sterility Testing

14 October 2009

For a reliable, sterile environment for the testing of pharmaceutical products, you need a solution that provides uncompromised, total barrier isolation.


Howorth’s Aseptic Sterility Testing Isolator offers complete separation of personnel from the testing area, ensuring pure protection for your products.


With the complete separation of the internal and external environment, not only do you get increased levels of sterility assurance, but the reduction of false positive results and consequent product re-testing and recall saves you time and money.  


The use of isolators also offers space saving benefits and lower utility costs. They are easy to use and the need for gowns and restrictive protective clothing is reduced.


Howorths experience in engineering barrier solutions has enabled them to recognise the importance of operator comfort and, through developing ergonomic attributes and offering mock up testing, Howorth are able to offer a solution that will optimise comfort for your operators.