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Howorth BioGen– Safe, Effective, State of the Art

11 January 2013

Howorth Air Technology Ltd is pleased to announce the formation of a new division – Howorth Bio Technology. This division is headed up by Business Development Manager, Phillip Godden, and has been established to service Howorth’s ever-increasing market demands for effective, safe, state-of-the-art vapour phase fumigation systems, whether to be used to control healthcare-associated infections or eradicate micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts in the food industry.

Under Howorth’s registered product brand name, BioGen™, our new bio-technology division will supply DVHP™ (Dry Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide) systems and decontamination equipment into both our long established Healthcare and Pharmaceutical market sectors, as well as developing DVHP™ systems for Life Sciences, Veterinary and Food Processing and Manufacturing markets.

All BioGen’s™ new family of DVHP™ standard model generators are designed around unique Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) technology with patents pending. This highly successfully technology has been developed over many years, and is applicable in both pre-occupational decontamination and service, as well as equipment supply projects.

All validated results, confirmed via BIs (Biological Indicators), prove that Howorth’s BioGen™ DVHP™ vapour phase fumigation systems are an effective bactericide, virucide and sporicide AND are biodegradable, leaving no residue.

A unique function of the BioGen™ system is its real time cycle monitoring, which can be displayed or downloaded immediately to PC or on-site BMS to give immediate customer confidence that the decontamination cycle has been effective.

BioGen™ DVHP™ generator models are simple and flexible, have no moving parts, are easy to operate and maintain and, importantly in today’s difficult economic climate, are extremely competitive to purchase, operate and maintain when compared to other systems.

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Howorth Bio Technology

Howorth Bio Technology