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Howorth Supports Bolton Kids2gether

16 December 2010

These are difficult times for charities, so it’s more important than ever for companies to give support where they can. We felt Howorth should become involved with a local charity, and Bolton Kidz2Gether was perfect. The charity, led by Jacqueline and Steph, offers support to children and young people who have autistic spectrum disorders.

Howorth Support Kids2gether

Howorth Support Kids2gether

The term “autistic” is loaded with negative images, but it can mean something as common as having problems with social interaction. In fact, some research suggests that autism is actually an extreme form of the male brain – lots of the traits which are so often associated with male behaviour (difficulty in reading people’s expressions, problems with understanding the appropriate behaviour in a certain social situations, struggling to convey emotions… you know the kinds of things I mean!) are also typical of children on the autistic spectrum…
I go to lots of things the charity organises, and I can honestly say that most of the children there are just like any other child – they want to play and run and laugh and be naughty and be affectionate, they just need a bit more structure, support and understanding than other children.
Jacqueline and Steph both give so much time to the charity, and it is a constant struggle to raise funds, so we want to help them in any way we can. The first thing Howorth has done is to sponsor new uniforms for the staff, which will feature the Howorth logo, too.
Jacqui and Steph have been really thrilled to get our support, and wanted me to say a huge thank you to everyone at Howorth on their behalf.

Amanda Parkin