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Communication Skills – OR Networks & Howorth working together at St. Marys Hospital

7 January 2011

OR Networks & Howorth working together at St. Marys Hospital.

Video communications specialists, OR Networks, and clean air engineers, Howorth Air Technology, have recently completed work on a major theatre refurbishment at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, which is part of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. The companies worked together to reach a new standard in the design and construction of integrated operating theatres. Theatres 8 and 9 now showcase the latest proven technology, and not only provide a feature-rich, ergonomic and safe environment for trauma procedures, but also have built-in flexibility and future-proofing to cater for other specialities such as endoscopy, arthroscopy and laparoscopy.

St Marys Integrated Operating TheatresA notable element of the project was the synergy of the OR Networks/Howorth partnership, which combined the companies’ respective expertise in clean air systems and theatre construction with innovative design of visual communications and control solutions.

Theatre Manager, Anne McKenna, was closely involved every step of the way. During the project, both Howorth and OR Networks were required to design bespoke systems to meet the needs of the hospital. Howorth modified its Ultra Clean canopy to allow the inclusion of multi-movement support arms and flexible mounting solutions, which allow equipment to enter the sterile field when needed and be positioned to suit the medical team’s requirements. A unique element of the OR Networks system was the inclusion of a medical grade video link and intercom, installed in the theatres’ prep rooms and designed to Anne’s specific requirements – the link allows preparing staff to monitor the progress of an emergency procedure by keeping one eye on the screen showing the theatre overview and, if they require assistance, have visual and audio contact with the porters’ office at the press of a button. In the pressured and highly efficient environment of a trauma theatre, this speed of response can save lives.

“We are delighted to have this state-of-the art equipment in our new and refurbished theatres. We enjoyed working closely with OR Networks and Howorth to design systems which suit the needs of theatres which will be used by many specialities.” Anne McKenna, Theatre Manager