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A Push in the Right Direction

16 August 2013

Push through Hepa filterHoworth, along with its sister company Westbury Filtermation, has launched a glovebox push-through filter that doesn’t snag gloves, that is manufactured from modern materials and is easily disposed of when exhausted.


The new Push2 H14 Glovebox Push-through HEPA Filter combines all of the above attributes, but will cost less and also last longer than the competition due to the extended HEPA filter surface area in the HEPA filter cartridge.


Westbury will always provide excellence in filtration, combine that with Howorth’s world beating knowledge and innovation in containment equipment and you have the Push2 HEPA filter. Who better to design your glovebox isolator filters?


For more information see our technical data sheet or contact us to inquire about the Push2 HEPA filter.


No better value push through filter on the market!