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Good for the Environment

3 June 2011

As part of its ongoing commitment to “green” issues, Howorth Air Technology is ensuring that its newly refurbished Manchester offices are as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. A newly developed Energy Policy aims to introduce several initiatives which will reduce the company’s carbon footprint – an appropriate target for a company which engineers “clean air” for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

new-offices-224-172Externally, the roof has been insulated and the possibility of fitting solar panels is being investigated. Internally, newly double glazed windows minimise heat loss. Waste wood, cardboard and paper is segregated prior to disposal, and an office paper recycling waster stream is being trialled. When the company’s world famous Exflow Ultra Clean canopy is transported to site for installation, it is protected by recycled packaging, which is then returned to be used again. Timers are being installed on vending machines and water coolers so they turn off at night, and there are plans to run the compressors at lower pressures and detect compressed air leaks more quickly. All utilities usage is being monitored, as is petrol and diesel usage, with a view to reducing the company’s CO² emissions.

Howorth Air Technology

Howorth Air Technology

“Howorth has been engineering “clean air” since 1858, when we were established to improve the quality of air for Lancashire mill workers. Our commitment to this aim has never waned, and we will do everything we can to play our role in keeping the world’s air clean and healthy.”
Adrian Parkin – Managing Director, Howorth Air Technology