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11 July 2014

Howorth Air Technology recently completed work at a brand new operating theatre complex at Leighton Hospital, part of the Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.   Working closely with Trumpf and Interserve, Howorth installed four Exflow 32 EVOLUTION screenless ultra clean ventilation canopies, two of which were combined into a single space, creating a “barn theatre”.

Barn theatres are widely used in Europe, and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.  They offer benefits in terms of infection control and space-efficiency, as well as offering enhanced opportunities for teamwork and expert supervision.  The screenless EVOLUTION is particularly suited to the barn theatre design, as it provides a stronger entrainment performance than screened models within the barn theatre set up. 

Howorth introduced the EVOLUTION in 2012, and since then over 120 units have been manufactured, making Howorth the UK market-leader in this field. The EVOLUTION essentially retains the basic construction of Howorth’s standard Exflow model, but with some innovative engineering at the air discharge, the company has recreated, and in many ways improved, the performance of the systems without the need for the traditional partial walls.  At the core of this new product are the patented Passive Coanda and Active Coanda systems. These are unassisted (Passive) or assisted (Active) air displacement devices, designed to replicate the controlled airflow of a solid side screen.

Leighton Hospital’s new operating theatres guarantee patients rapid access to convenient appointments that meet their clinical and personal needs.  Where possible, operations, investigations and surgical procedures are carried out on a day-case basis, under local or general anaesthetic, meaning patients are safely discharged on the same day that they have their treatment.