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Howorth and Spire Healthcare Embrace the Future

22 October 2013

Howorth Air Technology has completed another exciting and successful project with Spire Healthcare, installing its new Exflow EVOLUTION Screenless Ultra Clean Ventilation canopy at the Spire Washington Hospital. Howorth was brought to replace the hospital’s existing UCV canopy, which had been provided by a different company, and update the operating theatre with new medical service pendants, membrane surgeons’ panel, IPS and UPS and all associated electrical and building work and decoration.

Spire Hospital was looking firmly to the future in its choice of Howorth’s new screenless canopy, as skirtless canopies look set to become increasingly popular as hospitals and clinicans want the most streamlined choices for modern operating theatres and, in particular, integrated theatres. The Exflow EVOLUTION is remarkable because it has all the benefits associated with the removal of the traditional partial walls, but without the need for low level recirculation ducts, remote fans or cooling coils, which can obstruct theatre floor and wall space, may not work effectively if obstructed, and provide a breeding ground for bacteria as they are difficult to clean. Both Exflow EVOLUTION models – the 28-12 and 32-12, exceed HTM 03-01 requirements in many areas, particularly with regard to the non-entrainment test.

The project presented particular challenges as all work had to be carried out in only three weeks, within an operational theatre department with two other theatres in constant use. Howorth was brought in by Spire Healthcare after the successful completion of many projects throughout its UK hospitals. In addition, in 2009 Howorth was awarded the annual nationwide Theatre Test and Validation contract for all 38 Spire Healthcare hospitals, a contract it has retained. It was this positive and flourishing relationship that made Spire Hospital sure that Howorth was the right company for its theatre refurbishment.