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Howorth – Serving the Pharmaceutical Industry

13 August 2018

As a supplier and partner to global pharma companies for many years, we understand the increasingly onerous international health and safety standards that our clients are required to work to.

Working Your Way

Our long experience of supplying solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries has enabled us to develop our internal process to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our processes include adherence to good engineering practice, rigorous internal checking in the form of design reviews, quality control, traceability and full quality surveillance of all our sub-contractors.

In addition, our processes have been externally audited and have achieved the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

Ergonomic Modelling

We offer a full prototyping service, giving our clients the assurance of seeing and working with a full-size mock-up for operational ergonomic assessment prior to the final product being manufactured. This proves invaluable when new machinery has to sit alongside old equipment to create a new production line or enhance levels of safety for compliance reasons.


Pharmaceutical Containment Equipment

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