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10 August 2016

Innovative technology is a key factor to consider when improving the operating theatre environment.  With its new generation of LED operating theatre lights Trumpf Medical is once again setting new standards iLED 7 – the LED light that thinks.

Patient safety and ease of use are always primary considerations in the development of new products, and with this in mind the revolutionary technology of this new LED light allows operating theatre personnel to work under continuous lighting conditions at all times.

There are seven reasons for choosing iLED…

  • The lighting management system automatically maintains the brightness, colour temperature and a consistent field size.
  • The unique shadow management system ensures excellent illumination at all times.
  • Always flexible due to best possible lighting conditions at working distances of between 0.8 and 1.3 metres in all disciplines.
  • Streamline design for enhanced air flow and easy to clean.
  • The modular concept allows it to be fitted with a standard handle, sterile operating handle, disposable handle or camera.
  • An intuitive practical and adaptable operating concept.
  • Future compatible with integration options.

Howorth Air Technology distribute, install, commission and service all Trumpf operating lights and pendants in Mainland UK (excl. N.I.)