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DVHP Decontamination

Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour is used to decontaminate the inside of an Aseptic Isolator.


The gaseous decontamination process uses a DVHP generator, with its own PLC controller, that manages the various cycle set points and phase parameters, and communicates with the isolator.


In practice, an aqueous solution of Hydrogen Peroxide is ultra sonically vaporized. An air stream then carries the vapour into the isolator. Air and the DVHP antimicrobial is drawn out of the isolator and passes through a converter which degrades the DVHP antimicrobial into oxygen and water vapour. The air stream then recharges with fresh DVHP antimicrobial vapour (occuring within the DVHP BioGen Decontamination unit) and returns to the Isolator.


In developing any DVHP decontamination cycle there is a balance to be made between the need to ensure an adequate bio-decontamination kill rate and the desire to minimize cycle duration.


Howorth have been able to utilize computer modelling techniques, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to help with the optimization of the DVHP decontamination cycle.  Through the enhancement of the isolator’s internal aerodynamic characteristics, including the inlet and exit ports, we are able to ensure the most effective dispersion of DVHP within the enclosure.