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Containment Products

Containment by airflow is a well proven concept taken to new levels by Howorth’s air engineers.

Downflow Containment

Our downflow booths utilize a unidirectional flow of air which is passed through ceiling mounted distribution screens ensuring a controlled, uniform flow of air.

This airflow is first directed downwards, suppressing any dust cloud formation and then towards low level exhaust grilles, enabling particulate and vapors to be quickly carried away from the breathing zone of operators.

As the air approaches the grilles its velocity is increased to ensure any contaminants remain entrained and do not settle onto the floor or other surfaces.

Multistage Filtration

Once through the exhaust grilles, the air is passed through a number of filtration stages. This typically consists of a pre-filter stage (G4 efficiency), a fine filter stage (F7/F8) and a final HEPA stage (H13/H14). Having passed through all these filtration sections the contaminant-free, ultraclean air is either exhausted or recirculated.

Howorth’s booth design is inherently flexible, so that a wide number of filter configurations can easily be catered for, including ULPA and ‘Terminal’ HEPAs.

Configurable for either Powder or Vapor

Depending upon the application, two main configurations are used.

  • Once-through booths are recommended where solvent or fume vapors are present.
  • Recirculatory booths are typically used for powder operations.

Local Environment Protection

When configured in recirculatory mode, a small amount (c.10%) of the return air is exhausted, this keeps the booth at a slightly lower pressure than the surrounding area. This in turn draws in air to the booth ensuring that airborne contaminants are contained within the booth, providing protection to the local environment. Further local area protection can also be achieved through a variety of manual and automatic door/airlock options.

Product Protection

If required the Howorth booth can also be configured to provide a Class A (ISO 5) Cleanroom environment, for use when products must be aseptically processed.