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Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD, also known as flow visualisation, is a type of computer aided engineering program that uses numerical  is a algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows.

At Howorth, we utilise CFD as a key tool to support our ongoing project engineering and as an integral part of our product development process.

One of the key advantages of CFD is that it enables a variety of possible design solutions to be quickly assessed.  The results of which can be visually studied, hence the term flow visualisation.



In the flow visualisation of a Howorth downflow booth, the unidirectional (laminar) flow patterns within the booth can be clearly seen. 

This contrasts with the turbulent flow outside the downflow booth.






4D High Containment Screen Development

CFD was a key part of the development of  Howorth’s range of High Containment Screens, with the most recent iteration now offering 4 degrees of movement. 

The image below depicts the air flow pattern around the screen.