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Manual disinfecting techniques – the challenges and alternatives

8 February 2018


Manual techniques for disinfection have been in place for many years, it is understandable that these have become ‘go to’ regimes for many people. Using liquid biocides with manual application to surfaces is both cheap and simple …or is it? It can be enlightening to closely examine manual clean-up with comparisons to automated alternatives.


It is an old adage that the true cost of anything goes beyond simple expenditure. Contamination of product can lead to a high financial penalty, in recall or litigation, not to mention damage to reputation which is long term. If a regulator inspects, it would be very wise to have a validated process to audit trail rather than a manual process, prone to slippage from standard operating procedures (SOPs). 


There are many reasons why a sanitisation regime should be robust, with proven repeatability, yes more expensive than manual methods, but certainly guaranteeing a much better return on investment. Download our White Paper, Spray and wipe – alternative methods and strategies to see how a system such as the BioGen™ Duo VHP-U™ generator is the superior solution to bioburden reduction challenges.




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