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Equipment Decontamination

BioGen, the safest and most efficient way of decontaminating a microbiological safety cabinet using hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination services.

equipment decontamination services

The Howorth BioGen™ DVHP™ bio decontamination services have the following benefits:

• Log 6 Kill rate
• Downtime of equipment reduced
• Reduced decontamination cycle/aeration period
• Safer decontamination services
• Full Validation
• Real time monitoring of the bio decontamination process
• No toxic residue

Equipment Decontamination Services

DVHP is a rapid, residue free alternative to formaldehyde or chlorine dioxide. It has proven to be safe, has biological efficacy and it can be used to effectively bio-decontaminate any biological safety cabinet or similar equipment decontamination.

The BioGen equipment decontamination system provides a safer process for the operator and for the cabinet itself, as well as much shorter equipment downtime for our customers.

For more information contact our equipment decontamination service team.

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