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Scheduled Maintenance Services

Howorth can offer various maintenance service options, carried out by our fully trained engineers and technicians, ensuring optimum performance from your equipment.  We have found the following maintenance schedule to be suitable for many of our clients:

  • Filter replacement
  • Air volume profiles (Supply and Extract)
  • Air Exchange Rates
  • Downflow grid velocity profiles
  • DOP testing
  • Integrity testing
  • Particle counting
  • Pressure decay testing
  • Sound and lighting level checks
  • Controls system functional checks
  • Gauge calibration & verification
  • Mechanical handling equipment
  • Weighing equipment
  • Alarm set point checks
  • OEL testing
  • Engineers comprehensive report indicating compliance to the relevant related standards:(BSEN14644/EUGMP/FED 209E/BS5925/ BSEN12469/ISO14644/cGMP/Rules and regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturers)and Monitoring.