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Theatre Cleaning & Sterilisation

While shutting down a theatre for an annual UCV validation and service, many clients also choose to carry out a “theatre deep clean”.

Howorth is able to carry out a complete theatre deep clean using the latest techniques, equipment and materials. Sterilisation is accomplished using the specialist biocide Noroguard™ which kills 99.99999997% of all known germs including MRSA, C’Difficile, Noro virus, E’Coli etc. This two part sterilant continues to be an effective biocide for up to 28 days. The latest ATP technology is used to verify the final result. Our skilled hygiene technicians will carry out the cleaning following mutually agreed procedures, and the cleaning procedure will be validated with swab testing.

The typical procedure is outlined below:

  • Ceiling and walls will be washed down using Noroguard biocide with closed cell neoprene “mops” and left to dry
  • The floor and equipment will be wiped down using Noroguard
  • The ceiling and walls will be washed down again and left to dry
  • The floor will be cleaned again and all doors sealed with tape stating the time of completion
  • The area is checked using ATP technology for the effectiveness of the clean
  • Areas are left with extraction system running for a minimum of 1 hour without any access
  • A full deep clean validation report is issued