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UCV Validation, Verification & Servicing

HTM 03-01 Part B dictates that UCV units and their accompanying ventilation systems should be inspected quarterly and have their performance fully validated annually.

Howorth has found the following preventative maintenance schedule to be suitable for many of our healthcare clients.

  • Visual UCV & theatre ventilation system inspections (Quarterly)
  • Pre filter replacement (Bi-annually)
  • Grid velocity profiles at 1 meter and 2 meters from FFL (Annually)
  • Filter integrity testing (Annually)
  • Re-entrainment test (Annually)
  • Electrical & control function checks (Bi-annually)
  • Mechanical function checks (Bi-annually)
  • Light level checks (Bi-annually)
  • Sound level check (Bi-annually)
  • Microbiological sampling (Annually)
  • Provision of a full engineer’s visit report
  • Provision of a validation report in accordance to HTM 03-01 (where applicable)

Theatre Deep Clean

While shutting down a theatre for an annual UCV validation, verification or service, many clients also choose to carry out a “theatre deep clean