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Conversions, Modifications & Upgrades

Various circumstances can lead to your existing containment or process equipment falling below the required standard and making them obsolete. 

  • Changes in legislation
  • Addition of new equipment
  • Re-locating
  • Economic circumstances
  • Need to make ergonomic improvements

To minimise this impact on your business, Howorth can take your existing equipment and modify and upgrade it to ensure that it continues to meet the required standards.

Typical Modifications to Isolators

  • Retrofitting glove ports
  • Replacing visors and pass box doors with inflatable seal units
  • Upgrading control systems
  • Upgrading filtration systems to include push-push
  • Retrofitting ergonomic raise/lower devices for isolator legs
  • Retrofitting drum tipping & lifting devices within the isolator

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Typical Modifications to Downflow Booths

  • Integrating 3D/4D High Containment Screens
  • Upgrades to safe change filtration
  • Installing more energy efficient fans and motor units
  • Adding additional stages of filtration
  • Adding closed loop fan systems
  • Integrating lifting & tipping devices

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