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The combination of Howorth’s advanced and long established expertise in engineering clean air and isolator technologies, and G-CON’s novel, mobile containment PODs, will allow customers to meet safety and regulatory needs without risking process productivity.

G-CON’s PODs are self contained, autonomous cleanroom systems for biopharmaceutical processes. They are scalable and repurposeable and can be used in multiproduct or individual patient scenarios. This combination of world class containment control solutions and modular, flexible POD technology, will provide the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry with a key resolution that will meet or exceed relevant GMP global standards, while continuing to offer an innovative approach that reduces clients’ time to market.

G-CON Global Collaboration

G-CON Global Collaboration

Howorth is pleased to announce a global collaboration with G-CON Manufacturing. The joint venture will provide a flexible pharmaceutical containment solution, ensuring a safe and clean environment for GMP therapeutics manufacturing.