24 hour emergency decontamination response

Studies have shown that vapourised hydrogen peroxide is an effective method of eliminating viruses similar to COVID-19 from contaminated surfaces. Our BioGen DUO system achieves a level of efficacy unmatched by standard cleaning practices and other disinfection technologies, achieving a 6-log sporicidal reduction.

Our Bio-Decontamination Service can be quickly deployed to hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, laboratories and even vehicles e.g. ambulances, police.

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Kills 99.9999% of all pathogens on surfaces

Validated instantly using Enzyme Indicators

Bring facilities back into operation quickly

Elimination of Healthcare Associated Infections

Comprehensive report issued on completion

Highly trained engineers deployed onsite 24/7


Hospital & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Life sciences

Public Sector & Emergency vehicles

Schools, universities, museums, galleries, etc.

Banks, offices, work spaces.