At Howorth, we believe in matching air quality with service quality.

Our total commitment to service excellence over the full working life of each and every product ensures that your people can access an unrivalled level of support from our people.

Our service engineers are highly trained, qualified and trusted to help with everything from verifications, modifications, conversions and upgrades to testing, monitoring and validating, with maintenance agreements designed to keep you completely covered.

Whether it’s our own or other manufacturers’ equipment, we’ll ensure that it continues to operate safely and efficiently long after installation and handover. And through it all, we’ll be by your side, bringing an air of confidence to everything you do.

With Howorth, it’s all part of our service.


We understand that ensuring optimum performance and day-to-day dependability across your healthcare equipment and facilities is absolutely essential, which is why we can offer you:

  • Initial validation of critical ventilation systems in line with HTM 03 01 Part A
  • Critical ventilation verifications in line with HTM 03 01 Part B
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) thorough examination and testing in line with HSG 258 (P601)
  • Rebalancing of ventilation systems in line with BSRIA & CIBSE codes of practice
  • Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) canopy servicing (in line with manufacturers recommendations)
  • Operating lights and medical gas pendant servicing (in line with manufacturers recommendations)
  • Cleanroom verifications in line with the relevant Health Building Note (HBN)
  • CAT 3 & isolation room verifications
  • Fume cupboard and safety cabinet repair & servicing in line with British Standards
  • AHU servicing


Various circumstances can lead to your existing containment or process equipment falling below the required standard and making them obsolete.

  • Changes in legislation
  • Addition of new equipment
  • Re-locating
  • Economic circumstances
  • Need to make ergonomic improvements

To minimise this impact on your business, our experienced Service Engineers can modify, upgrade and re‐validate your existing equipment. Ensuring that latest industry regulations are met and that your people, products and business receive the maximum protection.


In addition to the pioneering services we offer for healthcare facilities, we also provide a whole range of maintenance options specifically for the pharmaceutical sector.

From comprehensive servicing of downflow booths, isolator maintenance and advanced equipment upgrades to full service overhauls, everything is handled with care, integrity and efficiency. Providing the support you need, to keep your pharmaceutical environment, better protected.

To find out more, or to make an enquiry, please contact the service team at [email protected]