Operating Lights
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marLED® X – the most versatile operating light on the market

Light is one of the most important elements in an operating theatre. It has a significant influence on the course of an operation and is essential for every successful procedure. But every situation, every tissue and every user is different. What is needed is lighting that is so versatile that it is suitable for every situation and for everyone who operates it.

Hospitals are under pressure to improve success rates while simultaneously reducing costs so efficiency in achieving results is extremely important. marLED X reduces the time required to set up the lights to a minimum and has a very long service life.

Warm white/cold white LEDs combined with unique high-tech lenses provide brilliant, homogenous light.

A special feature: every single LED of the marLED X can be controlled separately!

Where there is light, there is also shadow. But not with marLED X. Active Shadow Management is a fully automatic system for ensuring that light is always available exactly where it is needed.

96 powerful LEDs ensure that the surgical site always appears in the best light, literally.

The conditions for a successful procedure are always ideal.

Every operation is unique. And that particularly applies to the surgical field and how it is illuminated. The optical-only system can be used to adjust the light field precisely to match the personal preferences of the surgeon – totally without mechanical parts.

With its innovative beam path concept the marLED X offers you a previously unattainable light field size from 14 cm to 35 cm. The variable light geometry will also impress – it can be selected to round or oval.


independant® – ceiling supply solutions for operating theatres and intensive care units

The idea of routing equipment and medical gases required for the treatment of patients through swivel-mounted ceiling mounts has long been established in practice.

Flexible positioning and optimised use of space in operating theatres and intensive care units combined with the ability to meet hygiene requirements and safety concerns make this the perfect solution.

The clear assignment of equipment, elimination of tripping hazards posed by cables and supply lines plus the unrestricted mobility for all components in the room are all features in favour of this concept.

Swivel mount with vertically adjustable spring arm with a load-bearing capacity of up to 180 kg or a motorised arm with a load-bearing capacity of up to 150 kg. Safe positioning with the option of electromagnetic or pneumatic brakes.

Motorised, height adjustable swivel mount for load-bearing capacities of up to 250 kg. Large line apertures for medical gases, electric cables and data cables. Safe positioning using electromagnetic or pneumatic brakes.

Universal heavy-duty mounting system up to 640 kg for surgery/endoscopy/anesthesia/intensive care. Available with either one or two-armed extension, featuring a large swivel angle. High positioning accuracy due to pneumatic brakes.

Stands out from the crowd – not only thanks to its user-friendly design with no external screw fixtures. The mounting system has a load capacity of up to 640 kg and a whole lot more: the wear-free, electromagnetic braking system is colour-coded and available with optional LED lighting that provides visual feedback to indicate at which bearing the brake is released. Large openings and apertures enable smooth and fast installation of the ceiling-mounted supply unit.

The heavy-duty mounting system is designed for the highest loads (up to 1000 kg). The mounting system is used particularly in hybrid OTs or for lifting anesthesia machines.