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  1. the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits

The overview of the functions and operations carried out within industry is always based on 3 basic elements:

  • Product
  • Personnel (operator)
  • Environment

The concept of “containment” derives from these simple considerations, which provide a environment, or physical structure and activities, that can isolate the product from the other two elements.

Operator & Environmental Containment – Is needed in all process area where the process involves handling Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) that can be harmful in anyway to the personnel of that environment.


Aseptic Processing Containment – Required in process areas where the ingredients being handled need to be protected against external contamination arising from

  • The Environment
  • Personnel
  • Bacterial Growth caused by the above

OEL: Occupational Exposure Limit
OHC: Occupational Health Categorisation
OEB:  Occupational Exposure Band
TH: Toxic Hazard
ADI: Allowable Daily Intake
ADE: Allowable Daily Exposure
DEL: Design Exposure Limit
STEL: Short Term Exposure Limits

For example…

1 x grain of sugar equates to:

  • 100µg – 647 x smaller than a typical grain of sugar
  • 1µg – 64,790 x smaller than a typical grain of sugar
  • 1ng – 64,790,000 x smaller than a typical grain of sugar
  • Note: 1 grain of sugar = 0.06479g (1 grain troy)
  • 64,790 microgrammes
  • 64 790 000 nanogrammes