ENVIROSAFE aseptic and sterility isolators provide a clean and aseptic environment, separating the product from external contamination during processing.

Aseptic Isolators
Sterility Test Isolators
UDAF Booths & Canopies
Open/Closed RABs Systems
BioGen Decontamination
Filling Lines

  • Full size mock-ups
  • Determines suitability for users
  • Should include any process or ancillary equipment as part of review
  • Provided with various glove sizes and shapes
  • Includes filter positions to determine change suitability
  • PVC and timber manufacture offers realistic life-like representation

  • A clear understanding of the process and the surrounding processes will ensure the correct solution is achieved.
  • Work closely with the customer and operators
  • Work closely with specialist OEM’s to integrate complex equipment and material handling solutions into the containment envelope.
  • Develop solutions with a flexible approach

− in accordance with the customers “vision” by Think “inside” and “outside” of the box!!

  • Evaluate the ergonomics of the contained process – In 2003, almost 25% of all lost time illnesses were caused by ergonomic related issues

(Source – GlaxoSmithKline Annual Report 2003)