ULTRASAFE high containment isolators and equipment provide the ultimate operation performance levels to nanogram containment for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI).

API Containment Isolators
Process Isolators
Special Bespoke Isolators

  • Full size mock-ups
  • Determines suitability for users
  • Should include any process or ancillary equipment as part of review
  • Provided with various glove sizes and shapes
  • Includes filter positions to determine change suitability
  • PVC and timber manufacture offers realistic life-like representation

  • A clear understanding of the process and the surrounding processes will ensure the correct solution is achieved.
  • Work closely with the customer and operators
  • Work closely with specialist OEM’s to integrate complex equipment and material handling solutions into the containment envelope.
  • Develop solutions with a flexible approach

− in accordance with the customers “vision” by Think “inside” and “outside” of the box!!

  • Evaluate the ergonomics of the contained process – In 2003, almost 25% of all lost time illnesses were caused by ergonomic related issues

(Source – GlaxoSmithKline Annual Report 2003)

Turbulent Airflow

  • Typical 20- 25 air changes per hour
  • Removes contamination by mixing and diluting

Internal Negative Pressure

  • Prevents egress of contaminated air out of the isolator – OPERATOR PROTECTION

All internal surfaces and components can be cleaned as desired via a number of strategically located sprayballs. Each one is individually controlled by an auto-operated diaphragm valve. Also provided within each isolator is a hand-held, manually operated spray wash gun with a smooth bore hose.