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HEPA Filters

Howorth’s sister company, Westbury Filtermation has introduced numerous innovations in the field of HEPA filters. Using state-of-the-art technology, the company not only produces conventional HEPA filters but also extended surface models, manufactured for high flow rates at low initial resistance.  The range includes products for all industries for use in clean rooms, workbenches and workstations, personnel protection systems, and similar. Efficiencies from H10 to U15 (EN 1822) are available.

Special HEPA filters

Westbury Filtermation has developed HEPA filters with special dimensions and features for a wide range of specialist applications and specific industry sectors including pharmaceutical, electronics, fine-mechanical, and asbestos removal. Individual HEPA filters can be delivered with test certificates on request.

Our range includes DPH Deep Pleated HEPA Filters, Laminar Minipleat and UHV Ultra High Capacity HEPA’s