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Biological Support Units

With the heightened awareness concerning bio-containment and the emerging biohazard agents and threats in the world today, there is a growing need for higher standards and control of containment in bio safety level (BSL) laboratories.

Howorth are experts in containment technology with extensive experience in bio-safety solutions. Howorth work closely with their customers to develop microbiological SOPs during the design of primary and secondary containment solutions to eliminate the exposure risks of laboratory personnel to the hazardous agents.

Primary Containment – A piece of apparatus which contains the hazardous agent.

Secondary Containment – The facility, or equipment within the facility, which laboratory personnel must work in/with. e.g. a biological safety cabinet or the laboratory cleanroom facility itself.

Howorth have experience in providing containment equipment for all biological safety levels (BSL 1 to BSL 4).

Every customer has different requirements, but Howorth biosafety systems can often be a low cost alternative to the construction of full containment suite laboratories.

Contact us for more details or to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our team.