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World Class Containment Solutions

Howorth’s expertise in engineering clean air is fundamental to our success in providing world class containment and infection control solutions, serving the global pharmaceutical, medical and wider industrial markets.

Howorth manufacture a range of containment products to suit a variety of processes and applications.

Containment Systems and Isolators

Downflow Booths

Howorth’s Downflow Containment Booths are engineered to provide high leve...

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Howorth Shields - High Containment Screens

Bringing a new dimension to containment with the HCS range of screens inclu...

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Containment Isolators

For a fully contained environment during active product handling, you need ...

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Pack off & Process Equipment

For every aspect of your operations, Howorth has containment solutions to c...

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Kilo labs and Glassware Enclosures

Whether for use in research, as a pilot-plant or for full production, kilol...

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Flexible Containment

The Flexible Glovebag/Isolator is a soft walled containment system that can...

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