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Containment Isolators

For a fully contained environment during active product handling, you need a solution that provides uncompromised total barrier isolation.

Howorth designs and manufactures bespoke isolators, which combine containment levels of less than 1 μg/m3 with ergonomic and maintenance efficiency.

To ensure total system integration, Howorth works in close co-operation with you, our customer. Particular attention is paid to the interface between the operator and your own process to ensure that all production and containment levels are fully achieved.

Ergonomic Mock-ups

We recommend the production of a full scale model that allows the ergonomic aspects to be addressed in addition to the optimum placement of ancillary and process equipment. Following client review, any modifications can take place with progression into manufacture.

Equipment Integration

Howorth has earned a strong reputation within the industry for our innovative integration of process equipment within barrier isolation systems. We have worked on a wide range of successful equipment integration projects, both with end users and OEMs.