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Kilo labs and Glassware Enclosures

Whether for use in research, as a pilot-plant or for full production, kilolabs are frequently utilized within pharmaceutical facilities.  Where physical protection and containment of fine glassware and kilo lab sized reaction rigs are a requirement, Howorth’s kilolab containment enclosures are a perfect solution.  Theycan provide a high level of operator protection from dust, vapor and liquids, while also allowing ease of access for maintenance.

Capable of providing OELs below 10 μg/m3, our cGMP compliant enclosures provide an excellent safeguard against hazardous materials. Horizontal, sliding sash, glass panels combined with full length double opening doors ensure maximum operator visibility and accessibility.

These modular enclosures can be provided with either horizontal flow or vertical downflow systems depending upon the application. Localised flow can also be provided both inside and outside the enclosure to ensure the added protection of the operator during the loading process.