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Inventors of the Ultra Clean Operating Theatre – Exflow

In the early 1960s, Howorth’s experience and skills were applied in response to the needs of the medical profession. Working in close collaboration with renowned orthopaedic surgeon, Sir John Charnley, Howorth designed and developed the world’s first Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) system for operating theatres.

From this pioneering first step, the company went on to create the Howorth Exflow™ UCV which, in its current derivation, remains a global leader in the field of ultra clean ventilation.

In addition to the Exflow, Howorth also provides a broad range of additional products and services for the medical market, ranging from operating theatre lighting and ceiling service units to complete turnkey healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Solutions

Exflow UCV Systems

The Howorth Exflow Ultra Clean Ventilation system was developed in collabor...

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Turnkey Theatres & Suites

Howorth is able to design, build and install operating rooms and suites, in...

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Operating Room Equipment

In addition to the Exflow, Howorth provides a broad range of complementary ...

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