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Theatre Control Panels

Theatre Control Panels are a key part of any Ultra Clean Operating Room. Howorth’s panel is clear, easy to use and can be fully integrated with the Exflow, surgical lights and other operating room systems. optional extra facilities, including X-Ray film viewers or monitor screens. The panels are fully HTM 03-01 compliant and feature:

  • A display of theatre environmental factors
  • Integral X-ray film viewers
  • Monitors to view digital images
  • Easy wipe clean stainless steel or membrane fascia
  • Touch screen option

These systems can be mounted into either a stainless steel facia or behind a polycarbonate membrane.

The membrane option offers the advantage that all switches and lamps are mounted behind the flush, easy clean membrane.

Also exclusive to the Howorth’s theatre panel is the graphic visual representation of the Exflow unit and the operating lamps for ease of recognition, monitoring performance and control switching.