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New Builds

A new department complete with Ultra Clean operating rooms and state of the art equipment, in less time than you might think.

Our highly experienced team of project managers and engineers has successfully undertaken a variety of turnkey healthcare construction projects. Whether working alone or in collaboration with one of our partner companies, we will ensure that your new facilities are delivered on time and to budget.

Our service includes the undertaking of a full feasibility study which can include layout proposals, drawings, options and budgetary pricing.

  • Full Turnkey Projects
  • Fast Track Programmes
  • Multiple Building Material Options
  • External or Internal Construction
  • Complete Supply of HVAC & Air Management Systems, including Ultra Clean Ventilation
  • Fully Compliant with HTM & Other Standards
  • All Services Lamps, Pendants & Other Equipment Fully Fitted, Tested & Operational

Modular Building Solutions

Configured to suit your specific requirements and site conditions, Howorth’s modular healthcare buildings are factory built and brought to site in rapidly assembled sections. Whether your capacity issues are short-term or permanent, our modular buildings offer you a flexible solution.

  • Whole-life Cost Savings
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Reduced Site Disruption
  • Strict Production Quality Control
  • Permanent or Relocatable
  • M & E Plant Rooms Fully Fitted Off-site
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • No Wet Trades

Howorth’s modular healthcare buildings provide the rapid solution to your needs without compromising quality, design or functionality.