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Exflow UCV Systems

The Howorth Exflow Ultra Clean Ventilation system was developed in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed orthopaedic surgeon, Sir John Charnley. Howorth subsequently perfected and patented the unique Exflow unit with graded velocity airflow, vertical in the central area and radially outwards at the periphery, creating an exponential profile.


The use of Howorth’s Exflow UCV has been proven to reduce the occurrence of micro-organisms within the operating rooms and more specifically the wound site.

Installed in over 2,500 operating rooms worldwide, the Howorth Exflow is available in two sizes. Both models provide microbiological cleanliness and airflow results exceeding all current regulatory requirements.

Exflow – The original and still the best
  • Unique Exponential airflow pattern
  • No Entrainment, even without full side walls
  • Up to 500 air changes an hour
  • Larger clean zone protects instruments
  • Graded air flow, higher central velocity overcomes thermal plumes

And now the Screenless Exflow Evolution. All the benefits of an Exflow, but with no partial walls.

more Barn Theatres

The Exflow’s ability to exclude entrainment of external airborne particulate has made it particularly suitable for so-called ‘barn theatres’, within whose totally open space multiple operations can be carried out simultaneously under adjacent Exflows...

more Screenless Exflow Evolution

Allowing for ultimate flexibility of equipment choice and changing work practices within the operating theatre, whilst looking sleek and streamlined.