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Screenless Exflow Evolution

The Exflow Evolution allows for ultimate flexibility of equipment choice and changing work practices within the operating theatre, whilst looking sleek and streamlined. The Exflow Evolution out-performs anything else on the market.


The Evolution retains the basic construction and benefits of Howorth’s existing models, the Exflow 28 and 32, but some innovative engineering at the air discharge means that the system’s performance has been recreated and in many ways improved, without the need for the traditional partial walls, or the additional requirement of potentially bulky low level recirculation ducts, remote fans, chilled water cooling coils or difficult to clean CG screens, that many competitor models require. This means the systems are also suitable for retrofits as well as new builds.


At the system’s core are patented passive coanda and active coanda systems, designed to replicate the controlled airflow of a solid side screen. The Evolution has been independently validated, and found to exceed the performance requirements of HTM 03-01, particularly with regard to the non-entrainment test.