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Service & Validation Division – Still at the Top with Spire Healthcare

7 September 2011

Howorth Air Technology has recently been awarded the service and validation contract with private healthcare specialists, Spire Healthcare, for the second year running. The contract covers all Spire’s operating theatre suites, both ultra clean and general theatres, and includes microbiological testing in the general theatres.

Spire had engaged Howorth to carry out limited service functions at its hospitals since 2009, but when the entire contract came up for renewal in 2010, Howorth was successful in its bid to take over the total Theatre Test and Validation contract for all 37 Spire hospitals.

The contract has been retained for 2011 due to the positive working relationship established between Spire and Howorth, with particular emphasis being placed on Howorth’s willingness and ability to work in a flexible manner, ensuring Spire receives the service and validation provision it needs, when it needs it.