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15 May 2014

As part of an ongoing and flourishing relationship with Spire Healthcare, Howorth Air Technology recently refurbished and upgraded three operating theatres at Spire Manchester Hospital.  The work, which was done in three phases, was part of a larger project undertaken by construction, facilities management and engineering services company, CFES. The project was particularly challenging as Howorth had to carry out all work within an operational theatre department, with the three other remaining theatres in constant use.

Spire Manchester is committed to continued investment to ensure the best experience and outcomes for staff and patients.  As part of this commitment, Howorth was brought in to upgrade general theatres 2 and 3, and take out the existing ultra clean ventilation canopy in Theatre 1 – a traditional Howorth Exflow that has served the hospital very well for several years, but has now been replaced with the new Howorth Exflow EVOLUTION screenless canopy. Howorth also refurbished all three of the Spire Manchester theatres with new touchscreen Theatre Panels, LED Operating lights, new medical gas pendants and IPS/UPS systems, as well as new ceilings and vinyl flooring.

The screenless canopy is the future of operating theatres.  Theatres are becoming ever more advanced, featuring integrated digital technology requiring monitors and touchscreens within the operating site clean zone, as well as integrated scanners, X-rays and microscopes.  Because of this, space, particularly at ceiling level, is at an ever-increasing premium.  A 21st century operating theatre needs to allow for flexibility of equipment choice and changing work practices. In response to this, Howorth developed the Exflow EVOLUTION screenless canopy.

The EVOLUTION essentially retains the basic construction of Howorth’s existing market leading models but, with some innovative engineering at the air discharge, the company has recreated, and in many ways improved, the performance of the systems without the need for the traditional partial walls, remote fans or cooling coils.  This makes it the ideal choice for the modern operating theatre – it combines a sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance with an exceptionally high standard of performance.

The project at Spire Manchester is the latest in a long line of work Howorth has undertaken with Spire Healthcare, involving not only the refurbishment of many of the group’s operating theatres, but also the annual nationwide Theatre Test and Validation contract for all 38 Spire Healthcare hospitals, a contract Howorth has held for several years.