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Take a look at Howorth at The Infection Prevention and Control Conference in Salford earlier this month

24 January 2018


“The NHS, Governments and industry all have a key role to play in combating Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) which poses a catastrophic global threat”

– Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England


Howorth Air Technology would like to thank everyone who visited us at The Infection Prevention and Control Conference in Salford on 18 January 2018. Howorth demonstrated the BioGen™ DUO – a fully validated decontamination solution, providing a 6 log reduction. The BioGen™ range offers solutions for all areas, from safety cabinets, small enclosures, hospital theatres and manufacturing facilities.


The conference was buoyant with much interest shown in the new BioGen™ DUO VHP-U™ room bio-decontamination system. It was clear, from discussions with healthcare professionals, that rapid automated bio-burden reduction with validated 6 log inactivation is the future of infection control across both the public and private sectors of healthcare.


Alongside the Howorth and the BioGen™ DUO, Genano exhibited their medical grade Air Purifier – it is this approach to infection control that enthused attendees, whilst reiterating our intentions for the future of infection control. Reducing infections acquired in public spaces and medical environments reduces stress on services, costs and downtime, ultimately boosting confidence and efficiencies, and offering better patient outcomes.


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