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The original and still the best – The Howorth Exflow™ UCV

7 August 2018

With a patented graded velocity airflow – vertical in the central area and radially outwards at the periphery, creating an exponential profile – the Howorth Exflow™ UCV has been installed in over 3,500 operating theatres globally, and is trusted worldwide.


Today’s Exflow™ Evolution provides a larger ultra clean zone and a reduced risk of post-operative infection, without the need for restrictive side walls. The Exflow™ Evolution is available in two sizes, both of which provide microbiological cleanliness and airflow results exceeding all current regulatory requirements.




In addition to the standard benefits that a UCV canopy provides, namely bathing the patient in sterile HEPA filtered air, the unique graded airflow profile of the Exflow™ Evolution (higher airflow in the centre) helps to overcome buoyancy related updrafts, while the exponential airflow path assists in carrying away any contamination generated by the surgical team. The Exflow’s air streams also create a barrier against the entrainment of contaminants from outside the clean zone.



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