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Theatre Refurbishments and Upgrades

25 July 2018

In under a month, you could have a virtually new operating theatre, complete with Exflow™ Ultra Clean Ventilation, and fully compliant with HTM 03-01.


Increase Throughput, Reduce Infection Levels

Howorth has refurbished hundreds of operating theatres, transforming them in just a few weeks into state-of-the-art, Ultra Clean, fully HTM compliant facilities.

Whether you are planning to extend an existing structure, convert a redundant area into a new operating department or upgrade an old facility, we have the experience and expertise to make your plans a reality.


Turnkey Solutions

Howorth’s cost effective design, manufacturing and comprehensive installation service will provide additional clinical capacity with minimum downtime.  Upgrade your existing facilities to a high performance Ultra Clean operating theatre, quickly and economically. Fully Compliant with HTM 03-01 standards, we can provide:


• Ultra Clean Exflow™ ventilation system
• Medical Gas Pendants
• Surgical Lighting
• Theatre Control Panels
• Isolated/Uninterrupted Power Systems
• Flooring and Ceiling Replacement
• Decoration


Our theatres are fully commissioned and validated, sterilised and ready for operational use.


Audits, Surveys and Designs

Without charge or obligation, we will undertake an initial feasibility study, develop a layout proposal and produce budgetary pricing. As part of this free service we can typically offer:


• Audit of current facilities to assess potential for compliance with current regulations
• Physical site inspection
• Testing to measure performance against design criteria
• Full written proposal, including budget pricing
• Layout drawings and schematics• Provisional project schedule



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