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13 June 2016

There has been a flurry of Notices issued by various bodies surrounding the use of GEL Seal HEPA filters in UCV canopies.

The problem appears to be the failure of the Gel seal/knife edge HEPA filters used in some manufacturers UCV canopies.  As can be seen in certain instances the seal actually detaches from the HEPA filter leaking out into the canopy and, in some instances, down on to the patient.


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This is of concern due to contamination of the filter medium around the wound site and the failure of the seal of the HEPA filter.

This can have an adverse effect on bacterial contamination/containment and in extreme cases, changes in the vertical air flow rates.

As leaders in UCV and wider containment technologies, Howorth have recognised that Gel Seals are not suitable in the surgical environment.

Howorth Exflow UCVs only use DRY GASKET SEAL HEPA filters without exception.

Gel Seals are not suitable in a surgical environment and never have been.

If you have any concerns surrounding your UCV HEPA filter performance and integrity, Howorth can review your current performance in the event of failure and recommendations can be made to bring your equipment back up to specification.

Please contact Howorth Service Team on 01204 700900 to discuss your requirements.

In addition, Howorth are now the UK Distributors for Trumpf Operating Lights and Medical Gas Service Pendants.  If you have any potential requirements for these products then we will be happy to survey and provide quotations for a fully installed solution.