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Ductwork Cleaning & Maintenance

There are many different ways of cleaning ductwork systems, from brushes or hand cleaning to compressed air technology.

What may surprise some people, is that there is little to no choice between these methods in terms of their effectiveness in cleaning a surface of settled dust deposits. However, when that surface is awkward to get at or not directly accessible, then additional access must be installed to maintain the level of efficiency between the different methods of cleaning.

Our system of preference is compressed air, because of its versatility and ability to clean with the least disruption and minimal access requirements.  

The basic principle of our operation is similar in many ways to other compressed air units being used. However, we have developed the system and method of operation so as to reduce the size of the equipment, enabling any building to be cleaned without the use of large noisy diesel compressors situated in the roadway or loading bays.  

Consequently, a building of multiple storeys can be cleaned with all the equipment within the workspace. Furthermore, there is no need for open doors and windows while the work is carried out.  This enables us to clean more quickly and with less disruption than suppliers with traditional equipment. 

  • Latest technology employed to achieve cleaning over distances of 150m
  • Cleaning carried out to the latest industry standards – HVCA TR19
  • All dirt & debris contained (HEPA) – less mess
  • Minimal access required – reduced disruption
  • Fast response times
  • National service – 24/7